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Bunbury Occupational Therapy


Therapy For Children

Occupational Therapy can make the difference! Bunbury Occupational Therapy SPOTS Occupational Therapy Bunbury

Occupational Therapy helps children to live everyday life to the fullest. OT's help children with all the skills they need and use for everyday tasks, e.g. self-care, play, school and learning, leisure, social skills and emotional well-being.

The occupational therapist at SPOTS have experience in various aspects of the field of paediatrics, including sensory processing, general developmental delays, learning difficulties, gross and fine motor difficulties and handwriting. We have a heart for under-achievers (children that struggle at school for seemingly no apparent or obvious reason) and also for children with trauma-based backgrounds.

We administer assessments and therapy tailored to each child and family's specific, individual needs. We also take time to ensure that the correct underlying aspects are identified and addressed.

We walk the extra mile to empower parents with knowledge and strategies in understanding and helping their child. As parents ourselves, we provide guidance and develop therapy and/or home programs to suit and support each family's routine and budget.

We value every child that crosses our path and appreciate the privilege to be part of each family's unique journey.

Occupational Therapy identifies strengths and where a child may need help.

Occupational Therapy helps a child to be successful in everyday life.

Occupational Therapy addresses special needs and concerns for children of all ages.